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Kick boxing

In 2019 children of five houses at Louis Botha Children’s Home attended Kickboxing at the Titans Kickboxing club in Mountain View.  The children attended the classes two times per week and graded with Red belts.  

The social worker chose Kickboxing as a program for the kids to attend as it has the following benefits:

- Cardio benefits

- Improves strength

- Socializing skills

- Relationship building

- Weight management

- improved sense of balance

- Stress management

- Building self confidence

- Lessons in self discipline & respect

- Most importantly, helps our children to set goals to achieve when grading

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Our girls thoroughly enjoy regular yoga classes. 

The benefits include:

- Mindfulness

- Concentration

- Self & social awareness

- Emotional & stress regulation

- Physical fitness 

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Our boys thoroughly enjoy regular cycling. 

The benefits include:

- Physical fitness

- Relaxation

- Stress relief

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Soaring Eagles

- Activities include, swimming & hiking

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

- Physical fitness

- Weight regulation

Please contact us if you would like more information, or would like to become involved: Anelma -