Your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of our children!


While our priority is to provide basic necessities like food, shelter and schooling, we place equal priority in developing our children, to prepare them for the world and life outside of the home.

We have developed some amazing programs to advance these individuals and invest in their futures.

We urge you – Please take the next step and become involved!

Various programs exist for individuals as well as businesses to become part of our organization, to grow our children and develop their talents and interests.


Avengers & Smurfs

This program is specifically developed to help younger kids obtain the necessary fine and gross motor skills.

Fine motor skills concern the development of smaller muscle movements, mostly in the hands and fingers as well as hand-eye coordination.

Gross motor skills involve the larger muscles in the arms, legs and torso.
Many of the children placed into our care come from poor communities, had irregular or very little school attendance or former skills development.

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One can only truly master this sport by being disciplined and dedicated.
The children who partake gain emotional intelligence as well as physical experience.

The program teaches hand-eye coordination, self-discipline and self-defense.

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Fit & Phat

We promote healthy living and being active throughout the year.

Some of the kids enjoy cycling which promotes the relationships between peers and teaches an aptitude for competitiveness.

Our teenage girl walking group find comfort in the calm surroundings on early mornings.

We encourage the public to get involved, come and spend some relaxing time with our kids, engage in conversation and just have some fun!

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Soaring Angels

This program promotes general fitness and a healthy lifestyle for the staff who takes care of our children.

The outside world may not know what it takes to be a house parent at a facility like ours, but we know these passionate people are the reason why our kids can live a meaningful life.

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Sport Development & Financial Support

Within our facility we have talented sportsmen en women, who mostly due to lack of funding, cannot compete at the highest levels.

On the other-hand it is also difficult to advance their skill without the help of passionate sports coaches.

If you are available for coaching or training and want to become a volunteer – please contact with our offices.

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Not ready to become a guest parent yet, but really want to connect?

This program offers the opportunity for you to engage with all the children from one of our  houses.

You may apply to take the children out on day trips, support their sport and extra-mural activities or spoil them on special occasions.

Within this program the public is also invited to offer financial support toward the house’s groceries, maintenance and children’s activities.

As per the children’s Act certain documentation need to be filed with our offices – our friendly staff will assist.

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Guest Parent Program

The children in our care mostly have relatives, although some have no support outside of our facility.

The guest parent program allows you the opportunity to become that much needed family and support. To teach them life skills and help them to become confident, successful adult.

Guest parents build relationships with the children, guide them, grow them and love them.

Since many of the children placed in our care were removed from their environment because of abuse or neglect, they need to feel cared for.

Will you be the person to change a child’s life? Contact with our office for more information, we have guest parent information sessions, Q&A’s and welcome you to come and see what it is all about.

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Therapy & Support

Children cannot grow and find happiness by having shelter and food alone.

To feel safe, to feel loved and to be surrounded by people you care for are mistaken as being the norm.

Where these kids come from, that is not their reality.

While we work very hard to care for our children, give them nutritional food and ensure that they receive a good education, various types of therapy are also needed.

We have an amazing team of social workers – angels walking this earth – but we still need support.

If you want to make a donation or have a skill that can support our therapy programs, please contact with Charlene, Debro or Driana at our office.