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On our premises we have up to 10 homes. Each home houses up to 12 boys or girls with a house parent(s) who cares for them.

We create an environment as close to natural family homes, with children of different ages grouped together.

These kids become each other’s support and share their lives as siblings do.

The organization has a team dedicated to fund-raising, hosting events and attracting sponsors.

While our team makes an excellent effort, every house parent is required to assist to raise funds for their annual budgets. It is in their best interest to attract mentors and sponsors involved with the children from their individual homes to give the children the opportunity and exposure to life outside of our organization.

Hence, you might notice some smaller projects through our social media channels, promoting a specific house’s fundraising.

Their projected budgets also contain requirements for repairs, maintenance, sport activity & gear, sponsorship for school camps and basic necessities.
As a mentor or sponsor to an individual home, you may help by providing a service or help to allocate resources.

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Adopt-Me Teddybear Project

Huis Magrietjie is running this initiative to supplement their grocery budget.

Grieta Gelderman, their house mother collects teddy bears and gives them back to the community when one donates towards her cause, sign up to the give-to-care project for her house or support her craft and toy sales at markets.

Have teddy bears that you would like to donate or want to get involved?

You may contact the marketing department HERE

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Jakaranda Liggiefees Christmas Market

Our partner NPO, Jakaranda kinderhuis, will be hosting their 11th christmas light festival in 2018.

We are super-excited to be hosting the craft market section again this year.
Several of our house parents will be putting their craftiness on display as well as our supporting community. Come see what it is about!

For more info you may click HERE

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Christmas Tree Angels

This project brings the girls together.

Surrounded by good company our girls from house 5 ( Huis Magrietjie) make these tree angels and sell them at the Jakaranda Lights festival.

You may place your order for 2018!

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