Mrs Helen de Waal, daughter of the then Prime Minister general Louis Botha, founded the Louis Botha Home for children in 1918, to provide housing and care to the children orphaned by the “Great Flu Epidemic”.

The Louis Botha Home for children is an independent, unaffiliated welfare organisation, which cares for traumatised children removed by the children's court from their parents' care as a result of physical and emotional abuse or neglect.

We provide a caring home environment and therapeutic services to our children, with the extended aim of preparing them for their future.  Whether they are replaced with parents or family, placed in foster care, adopted, or whether they leave us as young adults to enter the occupational world, we aim to ensure that our children are armed with the necessary life skills.

The Louis Botha Home for children is a forerunner of childcare in South Africa.  We were one of the first homes to introduce the “Cottage System”, and we were also the first home in our area to integrate the various race groups.  This has proven to be extremely successful, and is now used as a standard for similar institutions in this area.

We acknowledge that stability, growth and change are essential to success, and we remain flexible and open-minded to developments in the childcare field.  Caring for traumatised children should not only be seen as treating a problem, but also as a step in preventing the cycle of abuse and neglect that we are experiencing in family life today.

Our vision is to continue providing a high quality of childcare in the greater Pretoria area, by also expanding our services into the community.
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