Welcome to Louis Botha Kinderhuis

At 100 years we are the oldest children’s home in the capital, a safe haven for children who have been removed by the South African Children’s Court for reasons of abuse, neglect and poverty.

It is our mission to provide love and laughter together with all the necessary therapy, education and a safe environment for the children in our care.

Your donation will make a huge difference in the lives of our children!


To become an active contributor, you may sign-up to our Give-to-care program, where you may make a monthly contribution towards our home.

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We create an environment as close to natural family homes, with children of different ages grouped together. These kids become each other’s support and share their lives as siblings do.

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While our priority is to provide basic necessities like food, shelter and schooling, we place equal priority in developing our children, to prepare them for the world and life outside of the home.

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